And I will give you shepherds after my own heart,
who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:15 (ESV)

Meet our Pastors.

Michael and Judy Shaw are the Senior Pastors of Lifepoint and have served in this capacity since September, 2002.

Pastor Shaw is an inspiring preacher and teacher. Every Sunday he delivers a positive and encouraging message that calls Lifepoint to experience the greatness of Christ. Judy Shaw is both compassionate and hard-working. She loves making sure everyone at Lifepoint feels welcome and accepted.

Michael and Judy have been married since 1983 and have two children: Adam and Ashley. They're proud to have both of their children, and their spouses, involved in ministry at Lifepoint. The things that mean the most to Michael and Judy are family, church, friends and knowing God. They're also passionate about people so make sure to introduce yourself!

Meet our team.

  • Adam & Stephanie Shaw

    Executive Pastors

    Adam and Stephanie's passion is helping others experience, learn, share, and serve at our church. Together they oversee all ministries at Lifepoint, assist in administration, preach, and teach.

    In addition to being involved in the preaching and teaching at Lifepoint, Adam frequently travels around the world preaching conferences and training leaders. Additionally, he's a podcast host! Adam's podcast The Restorationist aims to help listeners increase capacity and become better leaders. He's a co-author of You(th) Ministry, a leadership book for youth workers and The Gospel, a Bible Study for new Christians. 

    Together they are the proud parents of Judah Harrison.

  • Robert & Rachel Watson

    Discipleship Pastors

    Robert and Rachel feel the way to grow the church is to grow people. They make Lifepoint a welcoming place for everyone to learn God's teaching and become more like Jesus. They formerly served as Senior Pastors in North Bay.

  • Ashley & Daniel Phillips

    Youth Pastors

    As the pastors of Lifepoint Youth, Daniel and Ashley desire to see young people discover God’s plan for their lives. They each love connecting with young people and helping them find a place to serve in the kingdom of God.

  • Ernie & Lisa Murphy

    Music Director

    Lisa is a talented leader, musician, and songwriter. She is constantly pushing musical boundaries and steadily raising the bar for the music ministry. Lisa also serves as a mentortraining Lifepoint's musicians and worship leaders. Leading alongside her is her husband Ernie. Ernie serves as our main drummer, Member of our Board of Directors as well as assisting with the administration of the music team. 

  • Robert and Mary Jane Sorima

    Filipino Ministry Pastors

    Robert and Mary Jane believe Jesus is for everyone! Reaching into the diverse, multicultural community of Hamilton, they lead our growing Filipino ministry through hosting fun and food filled community gatherings, upbeat worship services and community outreach events. In addition they serve in multiple ministries from music to the Experience Team. Robert and Mary Jane LOVE people, they are warm, friendly and hospitable and we are blessed to have them on our team. 

  • Claudia Montan

    Spanish Ministry Pastor

    Pastor Claudia has served in various leadership roles at Lifepoint but, but her, this latest is the most exciting. In 2023, she launched our Spanish Ministry and it is growing! Pastor Claudia is our resident polyglot, speaking four languages and is so passionate about helping Spanish speaking people in Hamilton experience the presence of God.