Welcome to Kidzpoint.


Every Sunday

Kidzpoint hosts Sunday School each week for all students age 3-11. It all starts with a worship service where students of all ages come together to sing, pray, and experience God's presence.

Safety first

All of our teachers are required to hold a valid police check, and be educated on our Plan to Protect. Each classroom is required to have two teachers present at all times. We want you to have peace of mind knowing, at Kidzpoint, your children are safe.


After each Sunday Worship Experience students at Kidzpoint split off into classes geared towards their various age groups. Our volunteer teachers share lessons from the bible that are relevant to the students' lives helping them to learn God's teaching.


Kidzpoint helps every student to share in God's family by connecting them with those their own age in a classroom setting. Each week they are building relationships with one another that will last them a lifetime.

Beyond that, students are able to connect with other age groups during the weekly worship experience. This is a chance to be around others who are a bit older or a bit younger and grow in unique ways outside the classroom.


At Kidzpoint students learn that God has a unique purpose for each one of them. Moving into Lifepoint Youth they will be given more and more opportunities to serve God's mission, helping their church and their community.