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Worship with us

Lifepoint is a friendly and dynamic Pentecostal church located in Hamilton, Ontario.

We meet together every Sunday at 10:30am to sing, pray, and experience the love and power of God through the preaching of the Gospel. We would love to see you at church this week!

Mission matters

We are a church where you will experience God's presence, learn God's teaching, share in God's family, and serve in God's mission. Beyond this our hope is that every single person makes this mission their mission, because living for Jesus is more than just a Sunday experience.

True family

We don't want to be a big church where people feel disconnected. Instead, we want Lifepoint to be a place of vibrant relationships where everyone grows together, sharing in God's family. That's where Communities come in. Lifepoint's unique small groups meeting across the city, every month with a fifth Sunday.