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Meet the youth team

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  • Daniel & ashley

    Youth pastors

    As the youth pastors of Revolution Youth, Daniel and Ashley’s passion is to help young people discover God’s plan for their lives. They both love connecting with young people and helping them find a place to serve in the kingdom of God.

    Daniel’s Likes: Coffee, TOMS, burgers, books, and Coke Zero.

    Daniel’s Dislikes: Spiders, seafood, screamo, advertisements, and laziness. 

    Ashley’s Likes: Pinterest, goat cheese, afternoon naps, sunshine and Bounty chocolate bars.

    Ashley’s Dislikes: Snow, driving, bugs, being interupted, and public speaking.

  • Jordan ansley

    Elevate student leader

    Jordan is the real deal. Combining passion and talent with dedication and innovative thinking Jordan is inspiring others to give their all to God.

    Likes: Historical architecture, art and design, cold weather, technology, and studying. 

    Dislikes: Cauliflower, reality TV, conflict, feeling lackadaisical, and pessimism.

  • Aaron reynolds

    Elevate student leader

    Aaron is all about relationships. Through his ability to relate to people, Aaron is constantly helping others to develop their own meaningful, lasting relationship with God.

    Likes: Basically all foods, cooking appliances, good music, friends, and outdoor stuff.         

    Dislikes: Olives, waking up really early, waiting for food to cook, when there’s no WiFi, and missing the bus.

  • Dakota Sheppard

    launch student leader

    Dakota has a dynamic personality. Full of energy and fresh, bold ideas, Dakota is constantly working to help young people make a meaningful connection with God.

    Likes: Cheese, suit jackets, sad and slow music, reading, and payday at work.

    Dislikes: Vegetables, rude servers, rides, procrastination, and being asked the same question again and again.

  • JEssica duarte

    Launch student leader

    Jessica is contagiously positive and upbeat. Always welcoming everyone with a smile, her enthusiasm makes coming to Revolution a great experience. 

    Likes: Spring, shoes, extra cheese pizza and extra cheese garlic bread, road trips, and reading. 

    Dislikes: Walking to school on a snowy day, staying home when it is nice out, being lazy, fiction books, and mean teachers. 

  • Matt ansley

    creative director

    Matt is a creative beast. Through the use of technology, creative design, and his own ingenuity Matt is helping Revolution take its worship experiences and social media presence to the next level. 

    Likes: Doctor Who, Old Fashion Plain donuts, air conditioning, American and Ancient History, and Google

    Dislikes: School WiFi, soggy pizza, olives, blue pens, and absent seasons on Netflix

  • Jennifer duarte

    connections director

    Jennifer is a truly thoughtful and caring individual. Whether she has just met you or has known you for years, Jennifer will go out of her way to make sure you feel special.

    Likes: Transparent umberllas, Lemon with melted butter, Lattes, Onion rings, and winter

    Dislikes: Under-seasoned food, hard candy, chickflicks, excessive hashtagging, and bone cracking noises

  • Jonathan long

    decipleship Director

    Jonathan has a genuine passion for God and people. Jonathan loves helping young people understand and relate to the Bible so that they can apply it to their lives.

    Likes: Martial arts, superheroes, hikes, books, and discipleship!

    Dislikes: Snoring, Chinese food, skinny jeans, and plaid

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