Getting started

Life can be crazy. In the midst of all the shuffle and can be hard to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and His mission. Sometimes we need to refocus. Welcome to Week 5 of Lifepoint's journey in prayer and fasting.

Before you go forward with this week's devotional, open up your Bible and read 2 Kings 13:14-19. You can also find Weeks 1 to 4 available at the foot of this page.

Surely we cannot stop here,

we have to finish.


It has been said, it’s not how you start but how you finish that matters. This is truer in our spiritual lives

than anywhere else.

We are on a journey in Lifepoint church to see revival. A journey that began weeks ago and has led us

where we are today. We’ve focused on revival with the launch of forty days of fasting and prayer. We

heard sermons calling us to refocus on the mission of the church - souls; to pray for our Lifepoint

ministry team, the restoration of miracles and the gifts of the Spirit, and for our families to be saved. We

began well, and we can feel the Lord working deeply in the His church.

However, we have only begun to see the revival we’ve heard preached about. We are only beginning to

feel the turning of the tide in the direction of a harvest of souls and the salvation of our families. Surely

we cannot stop here, we have to finish.

As we look into the scriptures we can see the consequences of stopping short of finishing. King Joash

holding the arrows of the LORD in his hands, struck the ground but 3 times. This gave him only three

victories over Syria, not enough to “finish” them off. He stopped short of what was possible in God.

This is where we are as a church. We have the promise of great victory in our hands and we’ve been

striking the ground during these forty days of fasting and prayer. However, we haven’t gone far enough

to secure all that God has promised; we need to finish! So we are encouraging you to to keep striking

the ground; to continue to pray, fast, and seek God for His power.

Refocus & Pray

Further Reading

John 4:34-38, John 19:30, Hebrews 12:2, Luke 14:27-33

A Call From Our Pastor

This week, remember the days of fasting you signed up for in the past and

recommit to fasting on those days for the next number of weeks, read the

additional scriptures provided and listen to how the Lord speaks to you about

how you should finish what the Lord has begun in you and your family, think of

new things you could do or small changes you could make to work with the

Lord in bringing revival to Lifepoint Church.

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